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Work with Leigh

Work is an important part of life

Work is very influential on choices you make and how you lead your life. It’s important to feel valued, to be learning, to enjoy and thrive in your working life. In today’s busy environment its easy to get let your own wellbeing suffer in order to achieve all you need to get done in the office. A coaching foundation will aid in better time management, emotional resilience, alignment to what is important and ensuring you’re energised.

Aligning values drives better performance

When truly aligned in the values and ways of ‘be’ing, both an employee and a business with thrive, feel fulfilled and energised. A business  is only as effective as its people. Through a detailed assessment of what is and isn’t working to drive  performance, coaching can course-correct to re-energise employees back on track or to enhance high performance behaviours.  The approach with be. Coaching is tailored yet founded in Values-based methodology that connects people to what is  important in the organisation and focus on behavioural alignment to calibrate the set direction of the organisation. Results have increased engagement, productivity and focus, integrated inventive thinking or consistent improvements to output and creativity, and the ability to manage own energy reserves.

be. has a trusted network of experts to aid in larger project delivery, working in partnership with consultants, coaches, branding and innovation strategists and designers.

1:1 mentoring

One-off bespoke conversation tailored to the Client. Uses a coaching approach, no commitment beyond the session, booked on an ad-hoc basis.

1:1 coaching

A series of 6, 8 or 12 bespoke coaching sessions tailored to the Client. Monthly 1.5hr sessions to create successful and lasting change, plus a mid-month top up call, and emailed resources and reading. Clients often seek guidance for confidence building, leadership development, management skills, someone to bounce off when leading a business, navigating specific personal changes or goals, enhancing high performance, remedial performance management,  career transition,  getting clarity, or finding their purpose.

Executive reviews

Complete 360 review for Owners/ Partners of a business on personal development and leadership. Includes gathering and assessment of feedback, annual review meeting and written up report with actions and added resources.

Leadership masterclass

Annual coaching subscription to build leadership prowess. Includes a monthly 1:1 coaching session, fortnightly phone call, emailed resources and reading, quarterly connection breakfast with five others in your support crew, January planning 1-day workshop, July check-in 1-day workshop. Maximum of six people start each January and July, by application.

Team workshops and facilitation

When I work with groups of people, coaching is the foundation of my process. Dependant on the group needs, workshops and facilitation can work as a series or one-off. Team needs vary from enhancing high performance, getting clarity on direction, to remedial when under-performing. I’ve facilitated sessions on vision or purpose setting, strategic or business planning, values setting, breaking down beliefs, emotional intelligence, leadership, motivation and building resilience, overcoming conflict and getting back on track.

Organisation alignment

Resetting the mindset of an organisation to align people with the desired performance objectives often requires external guidance. A process that involves a thorough review, assessment and change to systems, behaviours and symbols, once the purpose and business structure are agreed. This work will includes a balance of 1:1 and team sessions and often takes up to 12+ months to complete, in close partnership with the leaders.

Employer brand, writing and materials

Copywriting and internal communications to align language with the change the business implements, so messaging is consistent and coherent (both internally and externally) with the employer brand. Includes consultation and development on ‘People’ processes and documents (from employee attraction, induction, performance review processes and retention strategies).


I regularly host events and facilitate workshops by collaborating with other businesses in local communities, including annual workshops in Vision Boards, Values and Goal Setting with lululemon athletica and I love chakra. Contact me to partner in your next event.

Meet Leigh

Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in working together, or connect in my social networks, to get regular doses of inspiration. My blog has resources that tackle a variety of different experiences we face in life, including useful exercises you can try.

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‘be the change you wish to see’  - Mahatma Gandhi