Whitepaper Series: The Points of Collision (#3/9)

Whitepaper Series: The Points of Collision (#3/9)

If you’ve caught the past two posts, I’m sharing a snippet from a whitepaper I co-wrote with Rachel Audige, and published this month. I’m writing about the value of aligning three mindsets in organisations: people, innovation and marketing. Today I said I’d touch on the magic that happens once they are aligned and we look at the points where they intersect.

When the mindsets are aligned, their points of intersection or as we’ve labelled them, their ‘collision points’ – give rise to compelling and meaningful business drivers that will bring huge value to the organisation:

  1. Purpose & Values
  2. Vision
  3. Brand Value Proposition
  4. Employee Value Proposition.

If you are cringing at these words then stay with me! This is not a tick the box exercise. To the contrary, these concepts can have significant impact on strategy, culture and brand. They warrant attention and careful crafting.

Our insight is that their ‘crafting’ will be that much better when fuelled by at least one of the other mindsets. What do I mean? Well, if I create a vision, it will be more compelling if it stems from both a people and innovation stance. Likewise, when thinking about my brand value proposition, how much better will it be if I combine a marketing and an innovation mindset? All three feed into the core collision point, to give an organisation it’s ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ – or purpose and values.

If you want to read more, email me here for a copy of our whitepaper.

In the coming weeks, I’ll share findings and examples from our insights from the whitepaper.

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