Whitepaper Series: Who cares about the Vision? (#6/9)


This week is the sixth post in a series on a whitepaper I have co-written with Rachel Audige, titled ‘Where people, innovation and marketing collide’.

We have all been exposed to vision and mission statements. More often than not, these feel as though they are plucked out of thin air or grafted on. We believe a powerful vision should stem from the collision of people and innovation mindsets.

A vision is our future promise; what we want to achieve in the future.

Too often we see the vision confused with what a company does e.g. ‘Maximize our customers’ ability to get their work done’, an articulation of a business objective e.g. ‘Reach 1 billion by 2020’, or its simply a strategy in a convoluted sentence e.g. ‘Develop, deploy, and manage a diverse
 set of scalable and strategic knowledge management tools
 to serve our customers,
 improving the possibility of
 overall satisfaction among our diverse customer profiles’.

A compelling vision needs to be a statement that people believe in and want to work towards collectively. It should be enduring, and provide a clear picture of future success.

We believe that the vision will be better if is has been fuelled by the people and innovation mindsets.

If you want to read more, email me at leigh@be-coaching.com.au for a copy of our whitepaper. There are three more to come in the series, look out for them later this week…

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