Whitepaper Series: Who cares about Purpose? (#4/9)

purpose-quote-001I am up to the fourth post in a series on a whitepaper I have co-written with Rachel Audige. I thought it would be good to zoom into each of the ‘meaning drivers’ starting with ‘purpose’.

An organisation’s purpose is their reason for being; a core belief for the team to rally behind. It needs to be the anchor for the organisation.

There is a lot of conversation about organisations having a purpose. And countless purpose statements have little emotive appeal or buy in, we see this as a wasted opportunity.

We believe that the purpose should be strong enough to anchor the other meaning drivers (values, value propositions, vision…). It should enrich everyone’s experience, inspire staff to do good work, have an impact on the lives of customers, clients, employees and suppliers, and have core truths that people can see and feel to believe. It must resonate. 

A purpose shouldn’t be a static thing. It should be expressed through relationships and ways of communicating, influencing decisions made, tasks that are set, and the mindset we take to what matters in the organisation. It should not be confused with the value proposition. It is the ‘why?’ – not the ‘so what’ – of the organisation.

I worked closely with a SME to articulate their purpose – they are a small production company that invent, produce, market and sell their own products. When we interrogated their business and people, we found that the core driver was solving people’s problems by creating products that make life easier, and articulated their purpose as ‘use the difficulty to create simplicity’. This echoes through how they use processes, communicate to one another, and consistently ideate for new product ranges.

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