Whitepaper Series: Who cares about Employee Value Proposition? (#8/9)


Hope you’ve been enjoying this series of posts on the whitepaper, ‘Where people, innovation and marketing collide’. I am up to the eighth post in a series of nine. Rachel and I appreciate you hanging in there! The final collision point, the Employee Value Proposition is the focus of today.

People need a compelling reason to join, stay, and give their best effort to an organisation. The employee value proposition is how to attract and retain talent and build a promise to employees. As one of my Clients phrased it to me, a good one will help you ‘win the talent war’.

We’ve seen businesses maintain high performance and engagement from their people, and have high levels of retention when they are able to articulate a unique proposition of what their working experience will be.

The magic happens when the promises to your people and to your customer are in sync and it becomes seamless rather than disjointed. This is the ‘collision point’ between marketing and people mindsets.

To use a clichéd (yet excellent) example to demonstrate, I’ll look at google… they are all about organising the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful, their public fronting of their purpose is the tag line ‘do no evil’, which translates into their EVP as 
 ‘do cool things that matter’.

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