Whitepaper Series: Who cares about Brand Value Proposition? (#7/9)


Today’s post is on the Brand Value Proposition, the seventh post in a series on a whitepaper I have co-written with Rachel Audige.

The brand value proposition is the organisations promise of value. The value we add for our customers and clients, and the experience of using our brand/s.

Too many organisations focus on what they do (the product or service features) rather than the benefits of what they do – their ‘so what?’.

We’ve found that when companies develop a value proposition it is all too often vanilla and lacking inspiration or internal buy-in. Employees should feel proud when they say it and Clients and customers should be hearing a very good reason to pick that company! In short, how do you say “pick me!”

Where businesses have developed so-called value propositions without injecting inventive insight or creative input, they have tended to miss the mark.

Examples of more successful value propositions illustrate the power of the creative insight coupled with a customer-centric or marketing mindset. Mapping this out ensures a sharpened offering, to develop consistent and compelling key messages to all stakeholders.

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