Whitepaper Series: The Alignment of Three Mindsets (#2/9)

Whitepaper Series: The Alignment of Three Mindsets (#2/9)

Building on my last post, I wanted to focus on the alignment of the three mindsets: people, innovation and marketing.

What Rachel and I believe is that organisations will see their brand, culture and business strategy thrive when they align the way they work together, the way they think inventively, and the way they create value for the customer.

Fostering these mindsets, and embedding them in an organisation requires strategy, structure, tools, experience and agility.

It’s interesting to develop each mindset by approaching them through a 7-step value cycle to assess how organisations understand, create, promote, deliver, capture, sustain and measure value across three areas.


We have discovered that the sweet spot lies where these mindsets align, what we define as value. This helps the leadership team structure thinking and focus on the unique value landscape and opportunities of their organisation.

For people: it’s about placing emphasis on defining and measuring culture, performance, engagement and wellbeing.

For innovation: it’s for organisations looking to innovate their processes, products, business models and marketing and ultimately foster an innovative culture. 

For marketing: it is all about managing value; understanding opportunities, brand building and bringing counter-intuitive thinking to marketing.


Once aligned, their points of intersection – or their ‘collision points’ – give rise to five compelling and meaningful business drivers that will bring huge value to the organisation: Purpose & Values. Vision. Brand Value Proposition. Employee Value Proposition. I will go through this in my next post.

If you want to read more, email me here for a copy of our whitepaper.

In the coming weeks, I’ll share findings and examples from our insights from the whitepaper.

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