Client Testimonials

The ways of working with people and businesses can be quite diverse, it’s important to hear about success with different types of Clients. Please read on below to hear the benefits some Clients have gained – see if what they have achieved is what you’re after?

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‘Leigh coached the executive team and myself during a period of significant change and transformation.  She brought to the team a balanced approach of theory underpinned by research and practical sessions/workshops to take us on a journey to getting ‘back on track’ and becoming a high performing team.  Leigh readily adapts her communication and coaching style to get the best out of the individuals and we’ve benefited significantly from her knowledge and guidance.’

Managing Director,  Communications  Agency – Melbourne

‘Leigh has become an integral part of our agency. She was responsible for running our 2 day offsite and staff conference and has been engaged by 31ST:SECOND ever since. Leigh is incredible at making the most nervous person in the room comfortable. She is commanding yet calm, almost subdued in her manner and approach (and amazingly assertive). She has taken all staff through an intensive Emotional Intelligence workshop – its early days but we have already seen an improvement. Leigh is a part of the team and welcomes anyone that needs extra guidance. She is highly valued and respected by all.’

Director, 31st:Second

‘We have worked with Leigh over the past three years in her capacity as a coach, facilitator and meditation teacher. She has helped our management team explore and clarify our vision and values, through collaborative sessions and detailed action plans. Leigh’s calm, careful input combined with her excellent coaching skills ensures her guidance is precisely targeted and perfectly judged. She is an extension of The Hallway’s family and we love having her around.’

The Hallway were awarded B&T Employer of the Year in 2014.

Head of Operations, The Hallway

‘I really enjoyed my time working with Leigh. She provided a clear road-map to personal and collective business success. She marries a good understanding of theory with a real understanding of day to day operations and realities. During my time with Leigh I became better able to manage internal and external stakeholders, manage uncertainty and navigate and understand periods of change. Leigh creates a real and meaningful connection with her clients to help them to excel in business and the wider world.’

Managing Director, Communications  Agency – Sydney

‘I have found coaching an invaluable resource in ‘unpacking’ my thoughts and working out some strategies to get to where I want to go.’

‘I have certain ways in which I manage my time now which helps me forward plan and be more effective. This in turn allows me to feel in control and calm.’

‘I found Leigh to be utterly professional, caring and thoughtful but at the same time willing to challenge positions to not only create conversation but help me discover answers.’

‘I am better prepared for situation and because of this I am more confident and vocal in the way I conduct myself in every type of interaction.’

Various members of Management Team, MediaCom

‘Leigh’s calm, genuine, trustworthy nature helped me define what it is I want to create in my life, and acknowledge and release the things holding me back from achieving them. There were times when I had no idea what my next step was but by listening and observing, Leigh always left me with the core nugget of wisdom I could not quite define myself. Kind of like pulling out a weed and planting a tree of awareness. Her personable coaching style gently led me to really unfold the path I’m on for myself. One that feels right for me.’

Exec Coaching Client, Head of Sponsorship

‘Through Leigh’s support we have focused on what we value, what our clients value about us, and how best to align both. The result is a business that has a new confidence and direction, with the tools to make it happen.’ 

General Manager, The Playground

‘Coaching has been awesome and I am very keen to continue. It’s a really invaluable resource to be able to take an hour from your week to spend some time unpacking your thoughts and taking a step back to think through where you want to be going as opposed to getting bogged down in the day-to-day. Leigh is great at asking the right questions to get you to work out your own answers and has the right balance between listening and directing.’

Executive Coaching Client,  Head of Planning

‘Having Leigh as a coach, understanding our business but not being a part of our business allowing free speech and confidence has played an important role in my development. The sessions allowed any issues or thoughts to be discussed and actions plans were sent on straight away.’

Executive Coaching Client,  Marketing Manager

‘I feel that the most important thing for me was the fact that you were very sensitive of my needs, so you can propose a very useful approach to work on and develop the right plan for me. I can say that through rediscovering my values and also the way I should undertake big challenges, step by step, have been the most valuable breakthrough I get from the coaching process. I think that coaching was perfect for me because I needed someone to listen to me, but at the same time was completely detached from me and sharp enough to guide getting back to my self confidence, objectivity and also to leave behind my negativity.’

Alex, Career Transition Client

Working with Leigh was an absolute pleasure. Over about six months, Leigh helped me work through a crossroads in my life. Stuck in a job that didn’t fulfil me, Leigh helped me understand my values and priorities, and work on practical ways of moving my life in a new direction that I could feel excited about. There was never any pressure to come to a particular conclusion, but more of a focus on understanding my values, making decisions and feeling comfortable with myself. Leigh’s guidance helped so much! Her approach is extremely practical and I ended our sessions feeling so motivated and with absolute clarity about the steps I needed to take. Although creating happiness will be a continual journey, I am so pleased that I spent time with Leigh as I know that I now have the tools to create that for myself without all the confusion and procrastination that I felt before. I highly recommend Leigh. She is such a kind person and wonderful coach. I couldn’t have picked a better person to help me through this stage of my life.’

Kate, Career Transition Client

‘The good ones always leave a mark on your life and Leigh does that. She makes it richer. I wish my business was a forward thinking as your investing in its major asset. If I had the opportunity to put my people first I would phone Leigh immediately and get her to improve my people.’

General Manager, Advertising Agency – Brisbane

‘Leigh’s calm nature, ability to articulate clearly, juggle across many demands and identify solutions helped guide each of the department heads and overall staff towards a clear vision. Leigh is very passionate about what she does and I see her as more than just a colleague and Coach, she is a pleasure around the office, entertaining, personable, accountable, and trustworthy. I’d recommend her for any role where she can help you get the best out of your people.’

Executive Planning Director, Advertising Agency – Sydney

‘I recently emigrated from England full of excitement and expectation of starting a new life. It was the hardest decision I ever made having to leave my family and friends behind. I was feeling extremely lost, & my confidence & self-esteem were at an all time low. Leigh helped me to clarify what was really important to me, and inspired me to search inside my soul to figure out my passions! I found a great companion in Leigh, and was able to share my thoughts and feelings with her openly. She helped me develop a new confidence which allowed me to settle into my new life with happiness and positivity.’

Zoe, Personal Coaching Client

‘The first session I had with her had an immediate effect on me. I was able to see why I was unhappy with my previous career choices. Having this clarity has helped me assess all parts of my life. Leigh doesn’t have any pre-conceptions, emotional baggage, expectations, sensitive no-go areas.  Her only concern is you and what’s right for you.’

Kouhei, Career Coaching Client

‘Leigh has worked with us for over four years, specifically focusing on the effectiveness of our emerging leaders. Her impact has been seen at both individual level through executive coaching as well as at a wider organisational level where she has worked with our local management teams to create alignment of beliefs and values, strong leadership behaviours, purpose and unity. We have seen individuals grow into strong leaders and teams become united and successful in leading our business forward. Leigh’s approach is one of collaboration, honesty and trust with progression and transformation at the heart. We value her passion, care and skill and look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.’

MediaCom  were ranked BRW Best Place to Work #15  in 2014.

Director of People & Culture, MediaCom

‘Leigh was recommended to me when I was looking for some diversity of thinking to apply to my career after many years in a large multinational. Her approach centres on creating clarity around your values and using the output as a  compass to guide life choices, professional and personal. If you are looking for a well read, insightful and empathetic coach to support a transition I would highly recommend Leigh.  Her guidance was a fundamental part of me successfully navigating one of the most significant career changes I have undertaken.

Executive Coaching Client, General Manager – Marketing

‘We engaged Leigh to help us implement Exec Reviews in our business. The outcomes were immensely valuable in setting Development plans for our leadership teams. Leigh was very easy to work with, taking into account individual role needs and giving the feedback in a well-structured, clear way. All the senior managers felt she much improved the Review Process for us. We would not hesitate to recommend Leigh’.

Managing Director, MercerBell

‘Having Leigh as a Coach was beneficial for me, firstly by assisting me to navigate the matrix of the way our business is organised, and to get better results in the way our Dept. interacted with others, as well as tools and resources for managing my team effectively. What was also useful were strategies on how to manage up effectively when I was promoted to a Dept Head. Working with Leigh always opened up honest and engaging  conversation around strategies and tools that were effective in my leadership development.’

Executive Coaching Client, Head of Business Science

‘In 2016 our resolution was to improve our business and rejuvenate ourselves. Leigh’s holistic approach of observing both parts of our lives (personal and business) enables us to grow and decipher new paths and be in tune with all aspects of our lives. We are still using tools Leigh coached us on, and feel a great sense of accomplishment when we complete each task. We look to our future with strength and excitement and welcome new developments and growth – with gratitude to Leigh.’

Founder, Tiger & Peacock

‘Leigh is a wonderful coach. She is calm and methodical and listens closely. I went to Leigh at a time when I felt I was at career crossroads – she helped me clarify what it was that I loved doing and to value my skills. I always felt extremely motivated after seeing Leigh and much of our conversation would reverberate between sessions. Leigh enabled me to clarify my values, set new goals and achieve them. I found much of what I was doing with Leigh in terms of career decisions had a direct impact on not only my career but also my personal life too. I can’t recommend Leigh more highly’.

Sian, Career  Coaching Client

‘I first spoke to Leigh about coaching when I had a newborn baby. I was a freelance producer and writer who did not have maternity leave and was not prepared to work 50+ hours a week with a young child. My goal was to realise the creative projects that had consumed my free time over the years. I was at a crossroads on a children’s picture book manuscript and collection of projects all in various forms of development via my small business Boabel. What I needed was an objective mind to help me step back and make a roadmap for the future. Leigh helped me identify both creative and financial goals, and my first picture book, Who’s got a Normal Family?, was released in June 2016. I find Leigh’s guidance an invaluable asset to my business. I’m hitting key milestones for upcoming projects and look forward to  future creative adventures with Leigh by my side.’

Belinda, published author and Personal Coaching Client

‘I didn’t know how much I needed these sessions until we got into doing the work. The outcomes of the sessions have completely transformed who I am both in my professional life and personal. I am a more well rounded employee, colleague, wife and friend due to the hard work we accomplished together. Leigh is amazing at pushing you to find what the ‘real’ issues is, offering tried and tested tricks whilst keeping those lightbulb moments coming with each and every conversation. I can’t recommend her highly enough to anyone who is ready and willing to do the work. Trust me, it’s worth it.’

Katie-Jane, Executive Coaching Client

‘be the change you wish to see’  - Mahatma Gandhi