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what I am using…

There are so many amazing products and brands out there doing great stuff – here are some I cherish and use, plus try them out for yourself!

Without a doubt the finest skincare for me. I’ve been using their products for many years, infact my house looks like a store display! I also love their monthly emails letting you know about all kinds of amazing exhibitions, artisans, architecture, readings and shows are out there to explore.


I’m not a massive lover of cooking, but I do love food and getting into me fast. This is a great healthy and fresh way to get it straight to your door – so it’s fantastic for people like me that work odd hours, fly for work and struggle to get yourself to the shops in any kind of patterned fashion. Comes complete with ingredients and recipe cards that are so simple to follow. And delicious.

Hello Fresh

With Easter just passing, I mourned another year with out my beloved Bird Eggs – they disappeared from our shelves around three years ago when the Red Tulip brand was purchased by Cadbury. I can’t express my dismay, despite the fact many a friend has tried to replace them with alternative (Darrell Lea, M&Ms, Aldi) they are all just nowhere near as good – I even tried to saviour the last packet ever, by securely hiding it in my old fridge (shared with a flat mate in Sydney) only to discover a house guest (or mean friend) ate them on me – without telling me. Either blissfully unaware that they meant so much and also that they were 2+ years old… One day there will be another replacement, but until that day I will continue searching for an equal 🙂

Other crazy Bird Eggs fans on facebook!

So to cover off my Bird Egg void – I’ve discovered a local chocolate here in Melbourne that is on the rise and rise, Pana Chocolate. It’s the ‘healthy’ version – and stops you over indulging but has some interesting combinations and flavours. It’s also a lovely gift to receive and pass out to all good choc lovers.

Pana Chocolate – raw, organic and handmade

Envato is a company I’ve admired from afar because of their prominence in ‘great place to work’ awards and over time I’ve gotten to know some of the crew that make this happen, they also produce fantastic products that help small businesses and solo-preneurs like me thrive. Born and bred here in Melbourne – they are doing amazing things in the digital design space.


Another company I was spying on from a people and culture perspective, only to discover their product was mighty fine also – I am a wine lover and this way of getting fabulous tasting, hand-selected wine delivered to your door, with the element of surprise makes for great entertaining and fun nights at home. Loving seeing all my friends with subscriptions sharing the best drops!


‘be the change you wish to see’  - Mahatma Gandhi