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who I am loving…

I’m not afraid to acknowledge the many teachers, guides and mentors I’ve had along the way, whether it’s a simple conversation, a course I’ve attended, stalking them on social or them simply being a friend of mine, here are some powerful people to hunt down:

I could have listed Brene in each and every one of the above sections. Because I am an avid fan and follow her everywhere. She was a break-through for me when I was doing my coaching training and I resonated with all her research into shame and courage, but equally I’m excited for her new research into how we avoid feeling joy. Watch this space. Her TED talk is in the Top 3 most watched across the globe – check it out if you haven’t already!

Brene Brown

Dr Libby is another of my ‘trusted’ online gurus, I am loving that she is local to me here in Australia – and her message of getting women from surviving to thriving resonates not just with me, but with Clients when I recommend her content. Love her books, the fact she is an MD with a holistic approach is really refreshing.

Dr Libby Weaver

Dr Christine Northrup is another MD, with the holistic slant. Her book, ‘Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom’ was handed to me by my mother in my early 20s and has been like a bible ever since. I’ve followed her online and also regularly look up her advice for a whole range of different aspects of managing health and wellbeing.

Dr Christine Northrup

Matt Church – where do I begin?! For 4-5 years of running be. I’ve been taking on/ given/ absorbed so much ‘advice’ on how to run/ grow/ expand/ scale my business. Until I read his book (generously shared by a business collaborator of mine) nothing quite resonated with me. His notion of a ‘practice’ and making a living as a thought leader, his proposition of making ‘clever people commercially smart’ has stuck a chord like a light beam down from the heavens. His take on purpose, generating value, productivity, positioning is really transformative and worth a read for anyone who doesn’t want to scale but build a practice with a small support team and make an income from  leadership in your area of expertise.

Matt Church – Thought Leaders Business School


‘be the change you wish to see’  - Mahatma Gandhi