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what I’m practising…

Meditation is something I try to practice daily, and I’ll include not just meditations from others but also some kundalini practices that you can try for yourself too.


Without a doubt this website (and more specifically app) is the finest I’ve come across, especially for converting the most sceptical of mindfulness and meditation, the perfect blend of practical, giving the facts and delivering an injection of inner space or piece of mind.



Smiling Mind is an Aussie mindfulness app that started with practical meditations for beginners that has since grown into a kids school program and expanded into the business world – love it and highly recommend, especially for kids with busy minds, anxiety and sensitivities.

Smiling Mind


And to plug myself – here is a series of 10 meditations to trial different techniques for beginners.

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‘be the change you wish to see’  - Mahatma Gandhi