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what I am reading…

Here is a list of the books that stack up beside my bed and are top reads I recommend:

A completely different way of approaching your relationship to money, wealth and spending. Linking it beautifully back to your own values, purpose and ideas on what abundance is for you.

The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist.

A completely different, as in non-conventional, read on modern leadership, all about how to take on a mindful leadership practice – with so many examples, and really practical exercises to try with yourself and team. I saw Janice speak last year and was in awe of her approach, calmness and beliefs on how we can individually and collectively transform the way we lead.

Finding the Space to Lead by Janice Marturano

So I can see a theme starting to form here… My latest, fun read is from a hilarious yank, Jen Sincero. Recommended by a dear friend – this is the ultimate no nonsense guide to believing and creating a richer life. It’s giving me the kick up the but of motivation I need to drive momentum in my business!

You are a Badass at Making Money

So this one is about 30 year late. I have only just started reading this book that was transcribed in the 80s by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I always believed it would be wishy washy, but am really enjoying it, and particuarly in reference to money (again that theme is shining through!)

The Law of Attraction

I wanted to take a holistic approach to the way I parent, with an impending bubba on the way! Have this on my night stand to take on – and share with my partner, after I get through the first pregnancy book by Deepak (below)

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success for Parents

And this is one I am loving – a great perspective for all the changes my body, spirit and energy are going through. It’s enabled me to feel more connected with my little bub and also the process of him entering the world in the most loving and gentle way possible.

Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives – a holistic guide to pregnancy and childbirth

In a follow up to the much loved Wild, this is my second Cheryl Strayed book – again generously purchased for me by a loving friend. A collection of her own quotes, messages and memories of helpful things she’s said through time, in interviews and her literature. A great little pocket reference to pick up when you need a burst of inspiration.

Brave Enough


‘be the change you wish to see’  - Mahatma Gandhi