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what I am tapping…

Aren’t apps awesome? So many great ones out there, here are some useful ones that I love to use and that wise Clients have shared with me too.

Each night I like to reflect on what my top things I’m grateful for, whether it’s the kindness of someone else, something I achieved or general wellbeing of my health and wellness. There are so many things to appreciate when you set your mind to that way of thinking. This is a helpful app to remind you and capture through time.

Gratitude tracker – grab from the app store

I love language, words and scrabble and I’m not competitive (AT all…) Invite me to play, my user name is: leughmorrison (no, I can’t spell my own name!)

Words with Friends – grab from the app store

I use this counter to track all kinds of things, mainly my breath when I am doing breath exercises with Clients. Helps to count, so they can focus on the inhale/ exhale and not letting my mind wander. Did you know that if you do some focused breathing for three minutes, of inhaling for six seconds and exhaling for six seconds continuously – you can cleanse your blood. Test it yourself and see your mood shift!

My Calm Beat – grab from the app store

The yoga I adore is kundalini – and my local studio here in Melbourne is called Kundalini House in North Fitzroy. They’ve recently launched a great app which showcases their classes and also the other great resources and practitioners that work from their space. See you on the mat, or at sadhana one early Sunday morning!

Kundalini House – or grab from the app store

So I am a MASSIVE lover of podcasts and only recently have converted (luddite I know!) to audible books – they are great when driving and walking, and I love being able to listen and take notes to embed learning. There is still something I love about the hard copy versions – for some books, fiction particularly, I love listening to authors telling their tales! You get your first book free when you sign up to the website below…

Audible – or grab from the app store

So a  specific podcast to recommend… Richard Fidler from ABC radio! He does a daily 1-hour radio show interviewing authors, artists, adventurers, and people who’ve had all kinds of wonderful experiences in their lives. There are so many wonderful discussions I can recommend – have a look through all the content and you will find something you’re drawn to, from people hiking in the wilderness for a year of solitude, doctors of miracle feats, historians, and crime writers researching the darkest of criminals. He has this mystical ability to ask perfectly timed questions and allow you to feel  included in the transporting discussion – a perfect partner for walking!

Richard Fidler – Conversations – or grab from the app store

Annabelle Crabbe and Leigh Sales were known Aussie journalists to me, and when a friend introduced me to their podcast Chat 10 Looks 3, I was fascinated by their intelligence, wit and soaked up all their recommendations on good reads and views. For someone who is often stumped on what to read, beyond books I treasure for my work, this is one of the best places to get intel into current reads on political affairs, excellent fiction and also a good giggle in between their munching on desserts and sweets. Their website also has a fantastic resource library from all the podcasts of the past.

Chat 10 Looks 3 – or grab from the app store

Another fantastic podcast resource is the Wake Up Project interview series with founder Jono Fisher. Originally set up as a series for men, the content has broadened to additional interviews that go into further depth with the speakers Jono brings out to Australia. Some of the highlights include conversations with Danielle LaPorte, Rob Bell and Richard Fernandez.

Wake Up Project – or grab from the app store

‘be the change you wish to see’  - Mahatma Gandhi