Leadership Masterclass – 12 x month coaching subscription (1st installment)



An annual masterclass that guides you through getting crystal clear on what your vision is and how to build daily leadership brilliance – that translates into triumphs of feeling aligned, energised, clear and connected.

Who is this for?

For people  in leadership positions – that are after 1:1 monthly support, guidance and coaching for their career growth, with access to models, practical tools, and reading that drives their aspirations. The masterclass subscription begins with setting a vision and is followed with a mid year check-in, done in a small group (max. six people). Through connection with the masterclass community you’ll meet and share with peers at quarterly breakfasts, aimed to generate interesting and engaging conversation and build on personal and group learning (for example, assistance with overcoming challenges, enhancing strengths, and guidance for team development).

What will be achieved?
    • Congruency between business and/ or career, and life
    • Set a vision for your leadership – and how that translates into day to day success
    • Sustainable energy levels to navigate complexity of role and responsibilities
    • Sense of purpose, achievement and joy in the way work and life unfolds
    • Strong foundation and confidence in your leadership style, now and into the future.
What are the benefits?

Benefits are bespoke to each person, here are some from others:

    • Own growth and leadership competency development
    • Connection with other leaders to share, learn and build relationships with peers outside your organisation
    • Clarity on being at your best, and how to sustain and enjoy being at your best
    • More energy, confidence and clarity, using both creative and practical tools to maintain.

‘Leigh coached the executive team and myself during a period of significant change and transformation.  She brought to the team a balanced approach of theory underpinned by research and practical sessions/workshops to take us on a journey to getting ‘back on track’ and becoming a high performing team.  Leigh readily adapts her communication and coaching style to get the best out of the individuals and we’ve benefited significantly from her knowledge and guidance.’

Managing Director

What does the monthly subscription include?
    • 90 minute 1:1 session (once per month) face to face, on phone or skype
    • 20 minute phone call (once per month)
    • Materials and resources emailed, relevant to conversation
    • 1 day workshop, vision setting (January/ July intakes)
    • 1 day workshop, staying on track (July, January pending commencement date)
    • 90 minute connection breakfast (quarterly i.e. March, June, Sept, Dec).
How do I get started?

Request an application form here. Next, we’ll schedule a complimentary 30 minute phone call with Leigh to discuss what you’d like from your masterclass experience.

What is the investment?

A subscription costs $660/ month (incl. GST) = $7,920 per annum

Charged direct to you or invoiced to the business. Includes all coaching, facilitation, materials, catering and meals for workshops and breakfasts.

‘We have worked with Leigh over the past three years in her capacity as a coach, facilitator and meditation teacher. She has helped our management team explore and clarify our vision and values, through collaborative sessions and detailed action plans. Leigh’s calm, careful input combined with her excellent coaching skills ensures her guidance is precisely targeted and perfectly judged.’ 

Head of Operations

‘Leigh’s calm nature, ability to articulate clearly, juggle across many demands and identify solutions helped guide each of the department heads and overall staff towards a clear vision. Leigh is very passionate about what she does and I see her as more than just a colleague and Coach, she is a pleasure around the office, entertaining, personable, accountable, and trustworthy. I’d recommend her for any role where she can help you get the best out of your people.’

Executive Planning Director