Executive Reviews – information only



A tailored and objective review on your leadership performance, includes ways to enhance best practice, competency assessment, and overcome current challenges – based on thorough feedback from your team.

Who is this for?

Leaders seeking objective, honest and constructive feedback to enhance their performance. These reviews suit organisations that are small to medium, owner-operated, or haven’t got systems for annual reviews and HR resource in place. Often running the business gets lonely, staff aren’t encouraged to provide feedback on their boss, and it makes it hard to know if you’re leading in the best possible way. An Executive Review is an opportunity to get objective feedback, that is hosted like a coaching session.

What  is the process?

The meetings  are designed much like an executive coaching session, where the purpose is to review the feedback objectively and work together to celebrate success, and also work on ways to remedy any feedback that is difficult or requires change. Here are the key milestones of the process:

    • Nominate the number of reviews/ participants to contribute to the process
    • Cost for the review/s to be agreed and signed off
    • Set dates and timings for completion, includes instructions on what to do (to all involved)
    • Send out self evaluations and 360 review forms
    • Participants complete and return all forms to be compiled and assessed
    • Set and host review meeting; 90 minutes in length
    • Agree any actions, next steps and capture these in the final review form/ KPIs
    • Send out any relevant articles, support materials and exercises relevant to the feedback received, development requirements and goals set.
What are the benefits?

Benefits are bespoke to each person, here are some from others:

    • Celebrate  success; what you’re doing well, to keep doing
    • Understand where you may have gone off course, or to address challenging feedback
    • Better self awareness
    • Ways to enhance or manage relationships with others better
    • Perspective to keep you focused and respond suitably (vs. react emotionally)
    • Open space to think and feel through a decision, next steps for the direction of the organisation/ Dept/ self
    • No judgment, yet discernment in aligning choices that are right for you
    • Calling you on sabotaging behaviours and ways to rectify
    • ‘Specific’ purpose for individuals e.g. behaviour change, understanding feedback, skill or competency development
    • Firing up motivation and enthusiasm
    • Advice and counsel on issues or challenges you face, steps to take in right direction.

‘We engaged Leigh to help us implement Exec Reviews for MercerBell. The outcomes were immensely valuable in setting Development Plans for our leadership teams and founders. Leigh was very easy to work with, taking into account individual role needs and giving the feedback in a well-structured, clear way. All the senior managers felt she much improved the Review Process for us. We would not hesitate to recommend Leigh’.

Managing Director, Creative Agency

What does the Executive Review  include?
    • 90 minute 1:1 meeting face to face to de-brief and discuss feedback
    • Collated, confidential 360 feedback from your team identifying the key themes (mix of direct reports and/ or other employees and external parties)
    • Personal assessment on performance, used to compare and contrast to the assessment from others
    • Review of set objectives and whether met/ unmet
    • Actions to take after the review, specific to changes required for further success in the role and clarify any changing responsibilities
    • Re-set new objectives and measure success
    • Any internal conversations, communication with the team to be followed up
    • Materials and resources shared, relevant to the conversation.
How do I get started?

Request more information here. Next, we’ll schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone call with Leigh to discuss what you’d like from your review  experience. Conversation will include the investment required.

What is the investment?

Costs are dependant on the no. of individual reviews, the size of the group giving feedback, time for the coach to compile, and people/ review systems in place currently in your organisation.

‘Leigh was one of the stars at The Monkeys and a major contributor to our success. She started in Account Management and then took charge of HR. As well as recruitment Leigh instigated a formal review process for Management and Staff and developed a training programme that was both inspirational and educational. Management and staff felt Leigh’s contribution and coaching was outstanding. A major factor for the success of The Monkeys was aligning the business, brand and people plan to deliver outcomes. Leigh was instrumental in working with the Leadership team and Partners to do this and we still employ many of the initiatives. Leigh will remain a legend within the business as one of the great personalities and contributors to starting a successful business.’

CEO & Co-Founder, Creative Agency