1:1 Executive Coaching – 12 x months (50% payment)



Tailored executive coaching sessions for people looking to transition in some way through personal growth, and embed change that is achievable, fulfilling and sustainable. 1:1 sessions for individuals, or for members of leadership teams.

Who is this for?

For people looking to assess their career (and life)  to take responsibility for their own growth. ‘Being’ is more than positivity, and pulls people out of operating in action mode, or simply doing. It involves the convergence of thoughts, emotions and behaviour that better connects you to yourself and others. It’s a way to create purposeful change that aligns with your values, goals and aspirations. The process is solution-focused and at times simple, yet challenging – and often can be confronting. It supports you to take care and inspire your life (or career, relationships, business etc) in healthy ways.

What will be achieved?
    • Partnership designed to support you in learning, being more effective and achieve success in your own development
    • A mix of both vision and action, so you’re clear on your purpose, creating the picture of success, but also taking necessary steps to achieve
    • Assessment of your choices, different perspective so
 you can achieve what you may not currently believe
 is possible
    • Empowerment and autonomy to follow through
    • Accountability to setting priorities and taking steps
 to change
    • A coaching foundation aids better time management, emotional resilience, and alignment to what is
 important to you
    • More energy, and ways to sustain your energy over
 time to gain a sense of thriving
    • Ability to determine what is/ isn’t working, and course correct to enhance high performance and energy levels
    • Alignment with/ setting of organisational vision, culture and goals.
What are the benefits?

Benefits are bespoke to each person, here are some from others:

    • Better self-awareness, and responsibility for personal energy levels
    • Strategy and plan to manage career direction and high performance enhancements
    • Developing a sustainable leadership practice that
 brings alignment in self and work
    • Managing difficult feedback on performance and
 change required
    • Sounding board, objective and honest feedback – external perspective to keep focused and on track
    • Bringing authenticity to self, relationships, and workplace
    • Time to pause and reflect on what does and doesn’t work
    • Assess/ build own leadership skills/ competencies
    • Assess/ build own management skills/ competencies
    • Improved and effective communication skills
    • Dealing effectively with conflict, within self & with others
    • Overcoming fears, doubts, building confidence
    • Celebrating success.

‘Having Leigh as a Coach was beneficial for me, firstly by assisting me to navigate the matrix of the way
 our business is organised, and to get better results in the way our Dept. interacted with others, as well as tools and
 resources for managing my team effectively. What was also useful were strategies on how to manage up effectively
 when I was promoted to a Dept Head. Working with Leigh always opened up honest and engaging
 conversation around strategies and tools that were effective in my leadership development.’

Head of Business Analytics

What coaching is:
    • Power lies with the Client to make choices that are right for them
    • Confidential conversation
    • Partnership, collaborative way of working
    • Evaluates strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats
    • Consultative and mentoring (if required, advised as such).
What coaching isn’t:
    • Advice (unless prefaced as such) or telling
    • Counselling
    • Bitch/whinge session.
What does the coaching package include?
    • 90 minute 1:1 session (once per month) face to face, on phone or skype
    • 20 minute phone call (once per month)
    • Materials and resources emailed, relevant to conversation
    • Start, midway and final check in with your Manager, to stay on course.
How do I get started?

A coaching agreement and series of opening questions are required for the first session – these will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment. Request more information on executive coaching via contact page, and schedule a 15-minute phone call to discuss what you’d like from your experience with Leigh.

What is the investment?

All packages are charged 50% upfront, 50% midway.

12  SERIES (12 months); $550/ month = $6,600 total incl. GST ($3,300 x 2 payments)

‘Leigh was recommended to me when I was looking for diversity of thinking to apply to my career after many years
 in a large multinational. Her approach centres on creating clarity around your values and using the output as a compass to
 guide choices, If you are looking for a well read, insightful and empathetic coach to support a transition I’d highly
 recommend Leigh. Her guidance was a fundamental part of me successfully navigating one of the most
 significant career changes I have undertaken.’

General Manager, Marketing

‘Leigh’s calm, genuine, trustworthy nature helped me define what it is I want to create in my life, and acknowledge and release the things holding me back. There were times I had no idea on next steps but by listening and observing, Leigh always left me with the core nugget of wisdom I could not quite define myself, like pulling out a weed and planting a tree of awareness. Her personable coaching style lead me to really unfold the path I’m on. One that feels right for me.’

Head of Sponsorship, Audi