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Navigating a Career Transition

I’ve recently collaborated with a fantastic bunch of people at Wyse Women, a business based here in Australia. The team are creating more flexible ways of working primarily for women, and also men, of whom I am a massive supporter. At their crux their aim is to connect people with the right roles that are more lifestyle-based (a contemporary way to handle recruitment). I switched my way of working nearly 10 years ago, I call it a values-based ways of working vs. the conformist way. I don’t necessarily comply with what a modern ‘life’ is supposed to look like but instead try to build a life that supports my values, relationships with those I care for most, and gives me deep satisfaction in how I generate an income to support my choices, myself and my (soon-to-be) family.

I contributed a 3 part blog series on my own personal journey of change as well as 2 extra articles with some advice and activities I use with my own coaching clients on how to navigate their own career transition. Feel free to have a read if you feel this could be beneficial to you when considering a change in the future or give them a call at Wyse to see if there are different options available to you out there with a new company.

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